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consulting services
  • marketing communications strategies
  • brand and product positioning 
  • internationalization
  • cross-cultural communication
  • media strategies
  • creative direction
  • workshops | training | lectures
"Stellar Creative!”
Deborah Albright, Marketing Manager, Los Angeles Times (USA)
“Call Andrea, he’s the best”
Joe Forman, CEO Bond Street Capital (USA)
"Very competent! Surprising and convincing his empathy for unusual tasks and solutions. Working with him is joy and challenge at the same time. 
He has hit our target."
Hans-Herbert Keusgen, President, WFSA (Germany)
“Andrea, Thank you! You are very talented... the buzz at NBTA was about our great marketing! You have the magic touch.”
Patricia Free, Director of National  Accounts, CCRA/Reservation Center, Inc (USA)
“His innovative ideas saved my business”
Kevin Harris, President, PQ Rarities (USA)
"Very creative and professional work. Ads are stylish and effective!"
Nina Holmberg & Tommi Toivonen, Owners,Teuvo Louhisola Oy (Finland)
"Out of the many courses I attended throughout my undergraduate years at the University of Urbino, the one taught by Professor Luminati proved to be the most useful towards my career. The main difference being his very pragmatic approach and his clear method of teaching techniques and “pro-tricks”, many of which were decisively helpful in my postgraduate work." 
Davide Bertozzi, Copywriter & Creative Director (Italy)
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