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what is positioning?

In a nutshell, Positioning is what I do to make your brand or product stand out and secure its own unique preferred place (position) in your consumer's mind.

As postulated by Al Ries and Jack Trout, Positioning differs from traditional marketing in that rather than focusing on the product (or brand) itself, it centers on how the target audience perceives and distinguishes the offering from its competitors.

Positioning is an approach that seeks to guide the placement of your message in a prospective customer’s mind and it is essential for communicating in an over-communicated society.

Positioning is about standing out, in order to become the brand/product of choice in the minds of prospective customers. 

how do I know so much about positioning?

Because I've succesfully positioned brands and products worldwide for over 30 years.

I've made Healthcare groups appear more human, frying pans look rugged, innovative technologies feel familiar, firearms seem friendly and even taught politicians to sound competent.

In fact, I became so proficient at Positioning that I was asked to teach my strategies at various Higher Learning institutions and have conducted workshops internationally for a number of companies and associations. Please see workshops for details

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